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Made in Hawaii Foods

Our scrumptious foods are made from local ingredients. Learn more about their history:

Macadamia nuts were introduced to Hawaii via Australia around 1890. The first commercial plantings were established in the 1920's on Oahu and Hawaii. During the 1930's and 1940's, some Kona farmers eliminated coffee entirely in favor of the popular nut, while others planted macadamia nuts alongside coffee to provide shade and to diversify their crops providing a second income. The Uchida family planted the trees on what is now the Kona Historical Society's Kona Coffee Living History Farm in the 1930's.

Tropical fruit jams and jellies were, and still are, a familiar gift to show your aloha here in Hawaii. Oranges were brought to Hawaii in 1792 by Archibald Menzies, surgeon and naturalist on board Vancouver’s ship “Discovery.” Henry Nicholas Greenwell grew oranges at Kalukalu, Kona; the children wrapped them carefully in tissue paper and they were exported to California. “There are no finer oranges in the world than those produced in the district of Kona,” Mark Twain wrote. Our orange marmalade is made from Kona navel oranges using a recipe taken from Mr. Greenwell’s diary.

Your purchase helps support the educational programs and mission of the Kona Historical Society.

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